Labour Day Coffee Deals

Happy Labour Day long-weekend everyone! And what better way is there to start a long-weekend than with a little bit of shopping? I was spotting quite a few sales on coffee gear, so I thought I’d share with you some of the best ones I’ve seen so far.


The first and one of most widespread sales I’ve seen so far is actually on Fellow products. They’ve marked down pretty much EVERYTHING on the website, even including new products like the OPUS which was already coming is at a crazy low price point. I find the BEST deals to be found with Fellow sales are often in their bundles, like this one which pairs the new Tally scale and ODE brew grinder. The link I have down below will bring you right to the sale page so you can just browse through all of the options.


Next up we have Flair sporting some HUGE savings across their entire product lineup all the way to the Flair 58 which is currently 20% off making it a pretty good time to buy.

Whole Latte Love

We’ve also got some good savings coming out of Whole Latte Love. They have the brand new Gaggia Classic Pro EVO already on sale for between $50-$100 off depending on the colors you choose, this forest green color is pretty sweet. They also have the Profitec GO on sale, which is shocking to me because that is a machine that no retailer has been able to keep in stock for more than few weeks at a time, so this might indicated better times are ahead for production and availability of this model.


Moving on to Amazon, we have the Breville Bambino that is seeing a long weekend sale price, along with most other Breville’s on Amazon if you are in the market for one of those it’s always a good time to consider pulling the trigger.

We also have the Ember Mug 2 which is slightly reduced from full price. as well as all of the Baratza Sette lineup which is pretty sweet to see.

As well as all of the Baratza Sette lineup which is pretty sweet to see.