Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle Review

Stagg EKG Kettle Review

Perhaps no other coffee accessory is as instantly recognizable, or widely photographed as the Stagg and Stagg EKG kettles by Fellow. You see these things everywhere, even Kendal Jenner has one! So today, we find out if the function matches the form, and decide whether this iconic kettle is truly worth the asking price, which if you’re curious to know, I’ll leave linked down the description below.

For the sake of total transparency, we were sent this kettle by Fellow, free of charge for the review. However as always, we promise you this has had zero impact on our final verdict.

The Important Stuff

The first, and most important feature of this Kettle is that it has a built in game. Yes, you heard me right. The base of the Stagg EKG actually has a version of the retro game Snake programmed in, where you run around collecting miniature versions of the Fellow logo. You can even submit your final score to be listed amongst Fellow’s work rankings!

Stagg EKG Kettle Review

The Real Features

Okay, gimmicks and Easter eggs aside, the Stagg EKG is about as smart and well executed as a kettle can be made. A digital display and single selector wheel allow you to set a target temperature anywhere between 57 and 100 degrees Celsius.

Stagg EKG Kettle Review

A switch on the back lets you switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius depending on whether you live in the United States, or the rest of the world.

Stagg EKG Kettle Review

A second switch allows you to turn on or off the temperature hold feature. When disengaged, the Stagg will reach the target temperature, and then shut off, just like any other kettle. In Hold mode, the Stagg will reach the target temperature, and then hold it there for up to 60 minutes.

Stagg EKG Kettle Review

This Hold feature is useful for longer brewing methods such as pour over, because each time you return the Stagg to its base, it will continue heating and holding the water at the set temperature, giving you more control and consistency in your extraction.

Speaking of consistency, the Stagg EKG also cleverly integrates a brew stopwatch into the base, allowing you to repeat your favourite pours without the need to pull out your phone or set a timer.

A 1200 watt heating element also ensures that this is not only one of the best looking kettles, but one of the fastest as well.

The build-quality of the Stagg is very good, as you’d expect from a kettle in this price range, although I do wish that the wooden handles and accessories were a no-cost option, not something you have to pay extra for after the fact.

Stagg EKG Kettle Review

The unique looks of this kettle are in part due to Fellow’s attempts to make this kettle as ergonomic as possible during use. Things you will notice when using this kettle for the first time are that you don’t need to tilt it excessively far before it starts pouring, and the weight is nicely balanced when full thanks to a weighted handle, which noticeably avoids excessive wrist and elbow strain when pouring. These are small things that you might not have thought of, but the designers at Fellow did.

Stagg EKG Kettle Review

Another critical element that I always evaluate in a kettle, is if it drips after you stop pouring. The Stagg earns full marks for not letting even so much as a hint of water drip from the spout when you stop the flow, and I REALLY tried to make it drip.

Stagg EKG Kettle Review

Is it worth it?

Finally, we come to the question on everybody’s mind, is the Fellow Stagg EKG worth its asking price. And if you approach that question from a purely functional perspective, then the answer is quite simply no. Yes, it heats up very quickly, it’s temperature accurate, and it’s nice to look at. But in the end, it doesn’t make a better cup of coffee than other less expensive programmable gooseneck kettles on the market.

Stagg EKG Kettle Review

However, for coffee enthusiasts, or for those building a home coffee station, the question is not quite that simple. The Stagg is a beautiful product to interact with and use day-to-day. Making coffee, especially pour-over, is a calm and beautiful daily ritual, and the Stagg undoubtedly adds to the overall experience. Plus, having a kettle that looks good enough that you want to leave out on the counter full-time is not a benefit that should be understated.

Final Word

In the end, The Stagg EKG is a beautiful kettle in both form and function, and if you feel like treating yourself or a coffee loving friend to a gift this holiday season, I can’t think imagine anyone being anything less than thrilled to add something like this to their coffee setup.

Need more? Watch the video!

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