Crucial X9 Pro SSD Review

TL;DR: The Crucial X9 Pro is my favourite portable SSD that I’ve used to date due to its sleek design, compact form factor, and most importantly blistering fast and reliable speeds


Internal storage for MacBooks is offensively overpriced, and as we know, can’t be upgraded once you’ve committed by clicking “Buy Now”. This is a notable downside of Mac computers, but a cross we choose to bear in exchange for all of the other advantages the Apple ecosystem offers.

Still, professional users often find the need for more convenient, fast, and portable solutions for moving around with terabytes worth of our precious files.

Is the Crucial X9 Pro the perfect SSD for the job? Let’s find out.

Crucial X9 Pro Review


If you haven’t heard of Crucial before, you’ll be pleased to learn that their parent company, Micron, is one of the world’s leading RAM and SSD manufacturers, alongside Samsung and Hynix. You’ve likely used Crucial products inside your devices without even knowing it!


– 1GB/s Read AND Write.

– USB C 3.2 Gen 2.

– 5 Year Warranty.

‘Nuff said.

Build Quality & Design

The design is slick.

It easily slides into any pocket, and the smooth sandblasted aluminum finish is an almost perfect match to my space grey MacBook. There’s a little corner loop that could be hooked to a lanyard for safe keeping, as well as a tasteful LED indicator within the loop that is not obnoxiously bright or annoying.

This drive itself is small and light enough that the weight of it hanging from the USB port is not a concern for damage or disconnection. Let that baby dangle, if you wish.

While this SSD is not completely waterproof, it still has a splash resistant rating of IP55 and would surely survive a coffee spill at the cafe, some sand at the beach, or a brief rainfall. That’s plenty of protection for my use case.

If you want to go base jumping and deep sea diving with your precious files, look elsewhere.

Perhaps the Samsung T7 Shield, or Sandisk G-Drive ArmorATD is a better choice.

Crucial X9 Pro Review

Performance & Use Case

As a video editor, I need fast, reliable, and portable storage for large video projects. I need to be able to dump SD cards quickly to make space for more footage, move project files around quickly, and edit original media directly off the external drive.

If you’re recording video externally either from your mirrorless camera or on your new iPhone 15 Pro, this SSD would also be an excellent external recording solution.

Transfer hundreds of gigabytes within minutes. Roughly 1 second per gigabyte. 60 gigabytes? 60 seconds.

Crucial X9 Pro Diskmark Score

There are other SSD’s rated for double this speed, including the Crucial X10 Pro and Samsung T9. However, they are only compatible with USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 which is not a common port type, and therefore under most circumstances, your max speed will still only reach 1GB/s. MacBooks cannot take advantage of these faster SSD’s, but this SSD is compatible with more than just MacBooks, of course.

The cable that comes with this SSD is solid, and the perfect length if you stick your SSD to the back of your laptop. The connector clicks in securely and inspires confidence that it won’t be accidentally disconnected. Always be sure to use the cable that comes with the SSD; your charging cable likely won’t support the data transfer speeds this SSD is capable of.

Final Word

In a sea of options for external storage, Crucial stands out as the most sleek and portable option for my needs. It’s just as fast as the competition, protected from reasonable exposure to water, dust, and impacts, and matches the smooth aluminum aesthetic of many modern computers.

Is it the perfect SSD? I suppose there’s always room for improvement, but nothing immediately jumps into my mind of how exactly I’d do that. The Crucial X9 Pro is a damn good hard drive, and one I’ll be sticking with for my projects in the foreseeable future.

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