Coffee Fathers Day Gift Ideas!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d compile a list of some easy gift ideas at a variety of price points. Whether your dad is just starting on his coffee journey or is already what you’d consider more of a “coffee enthusiast”, these gifts are sure to make his daily coffee routine just a little bit better.

1. Subminimal Nanofoamer

First up, we have the Subminimal Nanofoamer. If your dad loves a good latte or cappuccino, but is using an espresso system like a manual lever machine, or even a Nespresso Original that doesn’t have steaming capabilities, this little gadget is an absolute game-changer.

It creates incredibly fine micro-foam, giving your homemade lattes genuine café-quality texture once you learn the proper technique. It’s relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and is head and shoulders better than something like a simple wire frother like you’d get from Nespresso or for $12 of amazon.

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2. Coffee Cup Upgrade

Next up, your dad is going to need a great cup to enjoy that latte he just made. I have an entire video dedicated to my favourite cups that I’ll leave linked here, but some of my favourites are the widely adored notNeutral latte cups, these futuristic latte cups from Kruve.

And, for those dads who take HOURS to drink a single cup of coffee, the Ember Mug might just be the best gift you can possibly give.

3. Travel Tumbler

Speaking of keeping drinks warm, a nice travel tumbler is a great option if he often takes drinks to-go. Two of my favourites are the Kinto Travel Tumbler, and the Fellow Carter series. Both have a wide rim that is much more enjoyable to drink out of, and allows the aroma of the coffee to still reach your nose, which is a BIG part of the overall experience.

They’re available in some really nice colors, and the Fellow Carter also has a ceramic coating that eliminates that subtle metallic taste you can sometimes get from metal liners. Either of these options would make a fantastic gift.

4. Orea Dripper

If your dad is into pour-over coffee, the Orea Flat Bottom Dripper is a SUPER neat and niche gift idea as, maybe an upgrade, but at the very least an alternative to something like a classic V60. It provides very consistent, even single cup extractions, thanks to the high flowing flat bottom design that we now see popping up all over the specialty coffee space.

The dripper itself is lightweight, durable, and is great for home use but also small enough to take on the go. They also just release the “Big Boy” 2-5 cup dripper which produces the same clean, flavourful cups, but for larger batches. This suggestion probably leans a little more towards the “enthusiast” side of things, but it’s a great option nonetheless.

5. Bean Storage

None of the suggestions on this list would be anything without high quality and FRESH coffee to be brewed on them. Fresh coffee beans are key to a great cup of coffee, and my favourite style of canister are this style with an internal plunger that creates an air-tight seal with no headspace, but DOESN’T use a vacuum like you’d see from something like the Fellow Atmos. Probably the most recognizable name in this style is Airscape. They come in various sizes and colors, and are great for all sorts of storage, not just coffee.

6. A Grinder Upgrade

Finally, if your dad is using pre-ground coffee, or a cheap blade grinder, and you’re feeling generous, a proper burr grinder will be a major step up. Hand grinders offer great bang for buck, my favourites right now being those from 1Zpresso. Another common option is the Commandante, but I just found it’s not quite up to the same build quality, and is actually slightly MORE expensive.

If you’re looking for electric options that won’t break the bank, the Baratza Encore ESP is my top budget espresso or multi-use pick, while if the Fellow ODE Gen 2 holds the top spot if you’re going to be ONLY filter brewing.

7. COFFEE!!!!!

No-matter which of these items you choose to go for, none would be complete without a bag of great coffee. If you’re looking for a treat, Roastful just released a list of the top 100 roasters from around the world. Find one that’s local to you, and treat the whole family to some great coffee this father’s day!