Dalgona with Espresso

Dalgona with espresso

Dalgona is a milk based beverage served with a whipped instant coffee topping. Yes, you read that right, whipped INSTANT, coffee.

From the second I heard of this drink, I immediately wondered if you could improve on it by using fresh coffee, or espresso, as a substitute for the instant coffee.

And the answer is yes! Let me show you how:

Tools / Ingredients

30ml Espresso

2tbs Sugar

A shallow bottomed cup to mix in

An electric milk frother (Link if you don’t have one)


Step 1: Pull a fresh shot of espresso

Espresso shot

Step 2: Pour in the mixing glass and add 2tbs of sugar

dalgona with espresso recipe

Step 3: Whip with the milk frother until you achieve a stiff foam (this will take longer than the instant coffee version of the recipe

dalgona mixer

Step 4: Gently spoon the foam onto a glass of milk with ice

dalgona with espresso

Final Word

Cafe Dalgona has recently taken the world by storm. Using espresso instead of instant coffee is a great way to take this recipe to the next level. Just keep in mind that using real coffee will take slightly longer to whip, so an electric milk frother is a necessity to save yourself from having a very tired arm.

Need more? Watch the video!

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